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About me

I fell in love with my Amiga 600HD in the early '90s. Then I fell in love with programming and Linux around '98. Many many hours were spent exploring languages and operating systems and hacking away on small open-source projects. In the mid-'00s, I started working full time with programming (and some systems management).

I've been obsessed, from the start, with the magic that is IT, the endless possibilities with programming and that the only boundaries that exist are those of your imagination.

I've spent roughly ..

But, since I'm a geek I've spent some time playing with stuff like Darcs, Fossil, Mercurial, Haiku, Plan9, RiscOS, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, MidnightBSD, DragonflyBSD, Rust, Dart, Scala, Java, BASIC, Delphi, ASP, C#, Lisp, Elixir, Crystal, Nim, Zig, SQLite3, MongoDB, BoltDB, NATS and many other mainstream or obscure stuff.

Since about 7 years back I've had more management roles (CTO, Owner and Development Manager) in different companies. During all this time I've stayed up-to-date with programming.

Programming is my passion - and no matter what role I have it will always remain my passion. 

I have worked with - either as employed, owner or as a consultant - great companies, such as: