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Dell XPS 9360 will not start

When I last tried to start my Dell XPS 9360 it met me with a totally black screen. LEDs' were blinking and the indicator on the side showed that the battery was fully charged. As always - these days - I threw myself at a search engine and started to rumble around the net for possible solutions. I found many different suggestions and tried plenty but none worked.

A few hours in and I finally have my laptop back up and running. The following steps worked for me.

OBS!! This may void any varanty. Do this at your own risk. I carry no responsibility for any result that might occur from following any or all of these steps.

You might have the try out different combinations on the last step if it doesn't work for you.

Also when the machine boots it will complain about the time being wrong. Simply enter BIOS and change the date and time.

I hope this is of any help at all.