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The sudden joy of nothing custom

I have been using different GNU / Linux distributions as my main operating system since somewhere around 1997 - 1998 (played with a lot even before). One aspect I loved was the total freedom of being able to modify anything and everything according to my own wishes. With the freedom came the responsibility that I alone was responsible to get it to work.

I've spent time on everything from how the system would work to how it could look and feel. On desktop, it has been all from very custom Vim or Emacs configurations to having the perfect window manager configuration. Not that many weeks ago I spent a whole evening fixing the configurations of my desktop at work to make it just as I wanted it.

Last night I hit me for real. I've thought it many times before but never really got it. How incredibly awesome it is to not modify anything. To install a Linux system and leave it 99.9% as it is. My night, yesterday, was spent re-installing my XPS 9360 (home laptop) with Fedora 31 XFCE. The only customisations I've made are the following:

And that's pretty much it. No need to modify anything else.

The reason why this is important is that customising a system can become like a dark hole of energy. Lots of time is spent doing something but nothing is ever really achived. Of course it is important to spend time on things that are fun even if they are "useless" to anyone else. It could be painting something or make a pot or configure a desktop - But! there's other things I like which could be more productive.

Would be very fun to hear your view on customisations - so please Tweet your view using the hashtag #JoyOfNoMod

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